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Amanda Harwood blogging about All Recipes Are home

A couple weeks ago, I visited a Working Group Theatre/Awful Purdies rehearsal for the first time. When I entered their rehearsal space, the old library in Seashore Hall, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Before their run through began, there was a flurry of activity. The Purdies were warming up across from the staging area and the actors were putting on costume pieces and running through dance steps. I found a seat near the band in an out-of-the-way nook. The room eased into a performance without me hardly even noticing.

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All Recipes Are Home - in our own words

We are thankful for all the articles that have been written about our journey to collect farmers stories for All Recipes Are Home, but we thought it was time to write a little something about it from our viewpoint. Our accordion player Katie Roche is a featured writer in Edible Iowa River Valley and she contributed a feature story (turn to page 16  in the link, or read below) summarizing both the project and what we have learned so far.

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