Six Long Weeks

by: Katie Roche

It’s been six long weeks since I quit my man
And he’s been beggin' at the door like he don’t know why
My old three legged dog, it’s just her and I
We walk around this town with saucer eyes
been thinking that I might pick up and die
Circle round my troubles like a vulture on the fly
My girls and I been drinking whiskey like it’s water down the drain
Soon enough that man will my brain

It’s been six long weeks since I quit the drink
I’m sleeping so much that I can no longer think
Well I’d be drunk right now, if they hadn’t banned me from the bar
Can’t show my face in that place for another two weeks
and I’ve been smoking with old dog in the wood (in the woods)
I’ve been pining for old boyfriends on the web
Thinking baby, sober never looked so damn good
Oh you seen me, but you never seen me like this

It’s been six long weeks since I quit the smokes
I hate the way my voice sounds pure and clean
My brother Ben says, you’ll quit again
Just stay up with me and watch the smoke rise round the moon
And I’ve been chewing on my lips like they’re made of sweets (sa-weets)
And I’ve been holding onto one for old time’s sakes (just in case)
Thinking, baby the fall never smelled so true and good
Like dirt and worms and leaves that fell too soon (fell too soon)

fell too soon...
fell too soon...

It’s been 6 long weeks since I quit the weed
Words don’t come to me the same way they used to
My guitar sits quiet like some lonesome giant
Who crushed every little song bird that flew through
And I’ve been catching up on reading a book or two
I’ve been asleep by ten and waking up renewed
I’ve never been so bored in this one bar town
And I think I’ll swear off love for good
And I’ll live like a monk and hardly eat (oo-ee-oo)
And I’ll only walk and never drive no car (oo-ee-oo)
And I’ll write a secret novel that no one will ever see
Just that old three legged dog and me

It’s been six long weeks since I quit that town
And when I left it, I left good and for all time
Didn’t pay that last month, left the bottles in the sink
didn’t call a soul, leave a note, no I can’t be found
And I’ve started up again with a new name (Sweet Charlene)
Tending bar and making rent some other ways (oo-ee-oo)
Left all my dresses in the closet like a letter to be read
That dog and I’ll run till we’re both dead
yeah, we’re gonna run until we’re both well fed
I’m gonna find myself a real loving man
We’re gonna gorge ourselves on cigarettes and wine
We’re gonna get high on grass and make love for six long weeks
And you all will never hear from me ever again

Yeah, making love for six long weeks
Ooh, six long weeks...
Ooh, six long weeks...
Ooh, six long weeks...

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